Why Volunteer?

According to GROW ENSEMBLE, here are the top 3 reasons to Volunteer:

#1: Volunteering Feels Good.

Think about it for a moment: you could spend your Saturday morning watching TV on the couch or you could help local school children plant a garden so they have fresh vegetables and fruits to eat throughout the school year. No-brainer. And I promise—your show will still be there for you to stream later once you are done getting out in the world to make a difference.

#2: Volunteering Can be Good for Your Career. 

When you have a volunteer experience to add to your resume, you stand out over job candidates who don’t take the time to give back to society. Volunteering gives you a chance to show that you’re interested in things bigger than yourself, and you are willing to take action to make the changes you want in the world—and that will always help you shine through the competition. 

#3: New Experiences, Especially Those Centered Around Community, are Good for Your Mind, Body, and Soul. 

Volunteering not only gets you out of your comfort zone, but it will also enrich your life and give you a broader purpose. Throughout your life you’ve developed social and professional skills that promote your personal achievement. But using those skills for a wider, communal impact can be even more fulfilling. It creates an avenue of connection for you within your community! 

Accepting Volunteers?

Are you looking for volunteers for an event, daily help, etc?  Please fill out and submit this form .  If you meet our mission of supporting local businesses, you will be added to our list. 

Looking to Volunteer?

Below you find information on organizations who are looking for volunteers, please reach out to them directly for more information.

Tidewater Lacrosse - Charity Golf Tournament

We are looking for students athletes to help with our annual Charity Golf Tournament.  Duties may include event planning, day of staff  for setup, registration, clean up, awards, etc.  Please contact TidewaterLacrosse@yahoo.com.com for more information.

Tidewater Lacrosse - Beach Clean Up 

Tidewater Lacrosse needs volunteers to help coordinate beach cleanups on the Southside and Peninsula.  Duties may include, setting up a location, event planning and gathering other volunteers. Please contact TidewaterLacrosse@yahoo.com.com for more information.

Children Cleaning Beach