Leading Laxers Network

Guidelines and Procedures

MEMBERSHIP: The Tidewater Lacrosse is business category exclusive. Members will be notified of an application for membership to the group and given a chance to express any concerns. The group leader will conduct a vote via email by the members for a petitioning business. No email reply implies a YES vote. The petitioning business will be notified of the result before the next meeting.

Should a competing business wish to join the group, permission must be granted by the current group leader and the business members for which there would be competition.

PURPOSE: The purpose of the Tidewater Lacrosse Network is to provide a vehicle to promote the growth of respective businesses offering quality products and services to the community.

ATTENDANCE: Members are expected to attend meetings regularly. For networking to be effective it is necessary to have periodic and regular contact with other members of the group. A member may have another person from an unrelated business fill in for him or her as a guest substitute as long as this person is from a business exclusive of the other members in the group. The guest substitute is intended to be your representative for that meeting and, as such, will be responsible for providing a 60-second commercial on the member’s business. The guest substitute may also introduce his or her own business. Guest substitutes will be limited to 3 times during a six-month session and may not vote. Any business which fails to make more than 12 meetings in a year will lose their exclusive category status. Guest substitutes attending as your representative for meetings you were unable to attend will be counted the same as if you had attended.

Term: A term will consist of a year long period, from July 1 through June 30. 

DUES: Dues will be $50.00 per year and are due  no later than April 30 of the respective term. Failure to pay dues by the stipulated time will disqualify a member from participating in meetings during that session unless a prior arrangement has been made with the Treasurer. Dues will not be refunded after a member has attended one meeting.

An initial dues payment of $30 is required upon joining the group plus a one-time $20 fee for initial website presence setup. Your first regular dues payment will be discounted $5.00 for each month that had already elapsed between the first month of the prior period and the month that you joined. A partial month will count as a full month for determining this dues proration.

MEETINGS: Each meeting is anticipated to last not more than 1 hour, beginning at 8:00 am or other agreed upon time. Meetings are held currently on the 1st and 3rd Fridays of the month unless otherwise agreed upon. Each meeting will provide an opportunity for the sharing of business and industry updates, an introduction of your particular business, a referral exchange and a presentation of up to 20 minutes by one member designated to be the presenter for that meeting.

VISITORS: Members are encouraged to invite guests of a non competing industry to attend our meetings. A visitor may attend two meetings before joining. Guest substitutes (filling in for a current member) are not required to join and, consequently, are not subject to this two meeting limitation.

REFERRALS: Members are expected to provide quality business referrals at each meeting. An invited visitor who attends (other than a guest representative) will be considered a referral.

GROUP LEADERSHIP: The leadership of the B.A.N.G. will consist of a President, responsible for attendance, presentations, and conducting the meetings; a Vice-President, responsible for membership, tracking referrals, and conducting meetings in the absence of the Group Leader; and a Treasurer, responsible for dues collection, payment of the B.A.N.G. expenses, and accounting. These positions are intended to be for one-year terms, and will be agreed upon by majority vote of those present at the second meeting in January of each year. Nominations will be made at the first meeting in January.

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