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We Love Our Supporters! 

There are hundreds of businesses owned or managed by lacrosse enthusiasts all over the Hampton Roads. When our family, friends or co-workers need to buy something, we should buy from those local lacrosse supporters.  


Thank you for all those that are committed to growing the game of lacrosse in the Tidewater Area.  

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Platinum Sponsors ($1501-2500)

Staci Williams, Realtor and Founder of Tidewater Lacrosse

Howard Hanna

1321 Laskin Rd, 

Virginia Beach, VA 23451

C: 757.630.0301

P: 757.428.3516



~Women's Team Player/Former Coach

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Representing homeowners and future homeowners throughout the 757 area code, working with people in all phases of their life. 

Gold Sponsors ($1501-2500)

SilverSponsors ($501-1500)

Michael Nusbaum, Business Development

S. L. Nusbaum Insurance Agency, Inc.

500 W. 21st Street
Suite 300
Norfolk, Virginia 23517

Phone: 757-622-4653
Fax: 757-624-1573


~Men's Team Player/Coach

For 60 years, S.L. Nusbaum has been one of Virginia's most respected independent insurance agencies, though its roots stretch back to the beginning of the 20th century when it was a division of S.L. Nusbaum & Co., Inc. Since day one, our aim has always been the same: To give peace of mind to our clients, so that you can get on and enjoy your life.

Bronze Sponsors ($500-)

Natalie Petroskey, Owner/Coach

Legacy Lacrosse

Serving Hampton Roads

C: 619.888.4143



~Former Player/Coach

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Legacy Lacrosse is a multi-level girls lacrosse program. We offer our recreation league, training teams, and club teams. We create opportunities to teach perseverance, integrity, resilience and teamwork. We are committed to excellence and Leaving your Legacy on the field.

Lauren, Caddie, Toni & Atlanta -Coastal Crush Management Team

Coastal Crush

Serving Hampton Roads



~Former Player/Coach

The overall mission of Coastal Crush is to formulate a comprehensive recreational lacrosse league that focuses on player and coach development, while ensuring that there is a culture of fairness, growth, inclusion, and competition.